Favelado Investor buys Bitcoin and teaches followers

Youtuber buys for the first time a fraction of the digital currency to show how the process is done.

In the last one, the financial market counts on stock analyses and investments made by Murilo Duarte, a training accountant. Also known as “Favelado Investor”, he made the purchase of Bitcoin Evolution for the first time in recent days.

Owner of a YouTube channel with 200 thousand subscribers today, Murilo gives investment tips to his followers. In November 2019, youtuber had recorded a video explaining about Bitcoin.

At the time, he invited the Brazilian analyst Richard Rytenband to help with the explanation. However, Murilo assures that until then he hadn’t bought Bitcoin to compose his investment portfolio.

Last week, as the price of Bitcoin surpassed the record in Brazil, Murilo made his first purchase.
Favelado Investor makes the purchase of Bitcoin and the fraction acquired already operates on profit

Many people have met Bitcoin or just heard about it, but few have actually bought the currency. In Brazil, countless financial pyramid schemes have already caused losses using the Bitcoin image.

Even with mistrust and controversy, large companies and investors invest in the currency in 2020. PayPal, Microstrategy, among others, were some of the companies that plunged into Bitcoin in 2020, following the right path.

To teach his followers how to purchase Bitcoin safely, the Brazilian youtuber Favelado Investor recorded a video. According to him, people can buy Bitcoin using people (P2P) or brokers (exchanges).

In his video, Murilo Duarte chose to buy using the Bitcoin Market brokerage. He justified his choice by being a great Brazilian broker with years of history.

In addition, he makes it clear that people can buy at least R$ 50 of Bitcoin. In Favelado Investor’s view, investments should be accessible to anyone.

“The most interesting thing is that through the Bitcoin Market the minimum amount you can buy is R$ 50. So it goes a lot according to what I teach you, both in the stocks part and now cryptomoedas, everything is accessible”, declared youtuber

He makes it clear that even with Bitcoin worth over $ 70 thousand, people can buy fractions of the currency. In other words, with R$ 50 an investor would already have a piece of the digital currency, also called Satoshi. The fractions bought by Favelado Investor, inclusive, are already on the profit.
Murilo bought it when Bitcoin was worth R$ 72 thousand.

When Favelado Investor made the purchase of Bitcoin for the first time, Bitcoin was quoted at R$ 72 thousand. However, the month of October was high for Bitcoin, the biggest of the year so far.

With this, Murilo made clear that he first invested $ 500 for tests. After, he left another $ 200 to invest while he recorded the video, in other words, he invested $ 700 which gave him the sum of 0.0096 Bitcoins. Considering the price of Bitcoin today, the amount is equivalent to $ 745, in other words, it has already had a return of 6% in a few days.

Favelado Investor made clear yet that his purchase was made at 9 pm. With this, he believes that the advantage of trading cryptomoedas 24 hours is a facility of the sector.

Finally, Murilo made it clear that his investment does not represent a threat to his portfolio. He records today a program called “Do Zero ao 100 mil” and his portfolio is in R$ 30 mil, that is, his investment in Bitcoin was low, according to him.